Simple. Smart. Secure

The Castrum Platform provides a highly secure environment for the capture and management of information from colleagues, customers and partners, moving it through a defined lifecycle. Simple to maximise adoption. Smart to build powerful solutions easily. Secure to keep your data safe.

The Platform

The Castrum Platform has been proven in a wide variety of challenging environments and mission-critical scenarios. It allows you to reach out and capture validated or freeform information, process it in a collaborative environment, manage workflow, and then archive securely for future search, review and audit.


Castrum is 100% based in the UK and uses hosting centres with comprehensive security accreditations. The platform itself incorporates an extensive set of security features, including: encryption in transit and situ, digital fingerprinting and tamperproof audit. In addition, N3 experience provides comfort for the public sector.


With Castrum you can easily add comments to an item to share your thoughts, engage in public discussions based on a particular theme, and create a private chat with a group of colleagues or partners outside the organisation. You can also use flexible user, group and role permissions to lock down access to specific information.


Castrum enables you to retain end-to-end management and visibility of your information through its entire lifecycle, even when working with third parties outside the corporate firewall. Plus, easy-to-read dashboards highlight bottlenecks and help to streamline your processes.


The platform’s seamless version control retains a record of all changes to your content, including both freeform and structured data. You can also search inside information using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to handle scanned documents. All activity remains logged thanks to the platform’s tamperproof audit.


Our customers are incredibly busy, often jumping between multiple systems and scenarios throughout the day. Each Castrum feature has been designed to surface the simplest of interfaces, while providing enough flexibility to meet all challenges.

Web Forms

Castrum web forms make it quick and easy to capture structured, validated information for subsequent workflow. As an integral part of the platform, they inherit all its standard security and collaboration functionality.


The Castrum workflow functionality provides a flexible mechanism for the management of captured information through a defined lifecycle. User roles determine who can do what at every step of the process. Furthermore, SLAs help to refine process performance.


Castrum’s WorkBlast module uses scheduled, automated requests to proactively reach out and capture information from colleagues and third parties, pulling it back into workflow, or for collaborative review.


The Castrum API has been designed to integrate rapidly with third party systems in scenarios where Castrum is a key element within an end-to-end process. Its REST (Representational State Transfer) methodology ensures compatibility across a wide range of environments.


The platform’s portal provides a configurable front-end, giving access to a variety of Castrum services. Secure workspaces group together information relating to business entities with real-time notifications for content updates.


The Castrum cloud is scalable, resilient and extensible, built on an industry-leading technology stack, and suited to either public or private deployment.  Its plug-in architecture allows additional functionality to be added easily, subject to secure registration.

Data on a Journey

The Castrum Platform allows you to reach out and capture validated or freeform information, process it in a collaborative environment, manage workflow, and then archive securely for future search, review and audit.



Capture information via freeform document upload, structured web forms or system integration.



Encrypt information in both transit and situ for maximum protection.



Analyse information to index, categorise and extract textual elements.



Manage information through a well-defined lifecycle with clear visibility of process performance.



Collaborate around information with comments and discussions to keep everybody in the loop.



Archive information, including a full tamperproof audit trail, for future search, retrieval and compliance.