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The Castrum Platform provides a highly secure environment for the capture and management of information from colleagues, customers and partners, on both sides of your corporate firewall. Reach out and capture validated or freeform information, process it in a collaborative environment, employ workflow and archive securely for future search, review and audit.


To maximise adoption

"Our Castrum solution was made available to several thousand users on day one. The adoption rates and feedback were fantastic."

We realise that our customers are incredibly busy, often jumping between multiple systems and scenarios throughout the day. Castrum solutions are designed to surface the simplest of interfaces that just “get the job done” quickly and easily. Our solutions often go live with zero training for end-users. After all, does anybody really need a training course to effectively use Facebook or Twitter?


To build powerful solutions

"Castrum integrates with both our legacy internal systems and our new website, acting as a conduit for information capture and presentation."

Castrum excels at providing end-to-end solutions for information capture, collaboration and management. However it’s often necessary for a solution to integrate with existing legacy systems. Our open API makes working with third party applications a snip. There are no awkward import and export procedures - simply authenticate and access as required, or get push notifications directly into your MIS system.


To keep your information safe

"We had extensive security requirements, from both a legislative and technical perspective. Castrum addressed these with ease."

The Castrum service is 100% located within the UK in a hosting centre with comprehensive security accreditation. Furthermore, the platform itself has been designed from the ground-up to incorporate an extensive set of security features, including encryption in both transit and situ, digital fingerprinting and tamperproof audit. G-Cloud accreditation and N3 experience provide comfort for the public sector.


The Castrum Platform has been proven in a wide variety of challenging environments and mission critical scenarios. It is typically utilised to capture information from inside or outside of the organisation, to manage that information through its natural lifecycle and to provide collaborative features that maximise communication and increase process efficiency.

Information Capture & Workflow

  • Freeform upload
  • Flexible web forms
  • SLA management and override
  • Multi-stage information lifecycle

Capture information via freeform upload or more structured web forms to ensure accuracy. Route through workflow based on content to automate approvals, authorisation and other multi-stage scenarios. Use SLAs to track information lifecycle and performance over time.

Team Collaboration & Engagement

  • Comments
  • Discussions
  • Private chat
  • Granular permissions

Utilise flexible user and group permissions to lock down access to specific information. Add comments to an item to share your thoughts, engage in public discussions based on a particular theme, or create a private chat with a group of colleagues or partners outside the organisation.

Information Management & Archive

  • Publication
  • Version control
  • Tamperproof audit
  • Deep content search

Seamless version control retains an audited record of all changes to your content including both freeform and structured data. Choose to publish specific revisions for external consumption or to gather feedback from peers. Search inside information using advanced OCR to handle scanned images.


Castrum solutions are deployed by some of the world’s largest (and smallest) organisations, including government agencies, professional service firms, high-tech, retail and finance organisations. Here are some that we've recently worked with on some truly transformational projects.


Here's a small selection of downloads from our media library. Please let us know if you need more.


The Castrum Platform can be used in a wide range of business scenarios to help you capture information, manage it, collaborate around it and analyse the results. We work closely with all of our customers to determine the best mix of features that fit their specific requirements.


Every Castrum deployment includes an extensive array of security features to ensure suitability for the most demanding of environments. This includes end-to-end encryption (in transit and in situ) along with tamper-proof digital fingerprinting.


The Castrum API has been designed to rapidly integrate with third party systems in scenarios where Castrum is a key element of an end-to-end process. The API also allows organisations to add secure information and collaboration capabilities to their existing products and services.


The Castrum platform is scalable, resilient and extensible, built on an industry-leading technology stack. Its plug-in architecture allows additional functionality to be easily added, subject to strict plug-in registration by the Castrum core.


This is the Castrum team that you're likely to come across when discussing, designing or deploying your Castrum solution

Mark Brooks

Chief Exec

Mark has an unusual background that combines physics, mathematics and software design with strategic sales and marketing.

Duncan Wayte

Chief Tech

Dunc, our founder, is a hardened engineer, with years of experience in volume data warehousing and secure cloud solutions.

Mike Weston

Director of Software Services

Mike is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer with a strong focus on server and web technologies.

Andrew Macleod

User Experience Officer

Andrew is a mathematician and experienced engineer with a background in client-facing portal solutions for financial institutions.

Joseph Jones

Head of Tech Support

Joe is a recent graduate from a software background with a rapidly increasing knowledge of all things web, secure and Castrum.

James Young

Business Development Operations

James has worked in the tech space for many years, helping customers define their cloud solution requirements.

Jeni Browne

Financial Controller

Jeni is a fully qualified Financial Controller well versed in the workings of high-tech SMEs. She has experience across the sector.


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